Love Fitness Education Ltd is a UK Learning Provider that has been successfully operating in the education sector for over ten years. We operate under rigorous quality assurance standards and have external and internal verification procedures in place, as outlined below. The Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) has recognized all of our courses, which were awarded by CYQ – the UK’s.

Quality Assurance Policies

Our Internal Quality Assurance Policy is designed to guarantee that we continue to meet regulatory and accreditation requirements. This includes making sure that training and testing are credible, uniform, and in accordance with the course curriculum. The following are some of the major characteristics of our Quality Assurance Policy (QAP) system:

  • The Internal Verifier compares the assessed learning outcomes with benchmark results. The Internal Verifier also monitors and standardizes assessment judgments made by instructors after assessments have been completed.
  • Supporting and developing the assessment team
  • Accurate records which provide a clear audit trail

The QAP also covers:

  • How we manage student guidance
  • How we manage ourselves
  • How we manage our students’ experiences
  • How we manage our finances
  • How we behave ethically and honestly

Love Fitness Education Ltd acknowledges that it has been a pre-requisite for high quality assurance and compliance to standards set by the Awarding Body to plan the QAP procedure in advance – and that this is a necessary component of accreditation for students and LFE’s future. The QAP will draw from this sample pool until all individuals listed have either completed.

Samples will be planned to include:

  • Monitoring at formative and summative stages
  • All previously marked components e.g. worksheets, session plans
  • All assessment methods
  • Decisions from all assessors
  • These will come from a list of pre-selected students