Niko Algieri

Niko Algieri – Official Personal Trainer for Cosmopolitan Magazine, One of London’s top Dynamic Pilates.

Brian and Tamara have flipped a seemingly regimented and prescriptive process on its head to offer a dynamic and highly beneficial personal training program for everyone, regardless of age or experience. They instilled in me the confidence and understanding I needed to begin my new profession as a personal trainer.

Nael Farargy is a specialist in personal training and nutrition. Nael Farargy Personal Training is his business.

“I learned everything I know from the best, and I believe that my success and reputation as a top physical therapist in London are due to my two tutors, who taught me everything. Brian Walpole and Tamara Au-Yeong are not only extremely accomplished in their fields, but also teach in a manner that is difficult to forget.

Hannah Jacques – Freelance Personal Trainer with Fitness First in Jersey.

“I started working for Fitness First in Shepherds Bush, West London, after completing my Personal Trainer course in London. During my stay in London, I taught Spinning and Dance classes. After nine months in Jersey, I transferred to the Fitness First branch on Jersey and am currently assisting some of the best Personal Trainers in the UK.

“Brian and Tam clearly know their industry well, which is evident in how they teach. They both convey knowledge with confidence and passion, and they’re committed to passing their expertise on to the next generation of Personal Trainers.”