Working in the Fitness Industry

Upon completion of your course, it’s only natural to look for jobs in the fitness sector. The fitness business has experienced steady growth for the tenth year in a row in 2011, when it was worth £3.8 billion. There are about 9,218 job openings available each year in the UK fitness sector, indicating decent employment chances.

This is where Love Fitness Education can assist you in your education. We describe ourselves as the Industry Experts because we understand what employers want and need, and how to get the most from our students. We create well-educated, well-equipped, and driven instructors who may achieve great things in the industry.

Guaranteed Interviews

You’ve probably heard other training companies promise you guaranteed interviews if you complete their program, and this is a marketing technique that many UK-based companies use. Getting an interview in the fitness business, as we all know, is a simple procedure.

Getting hired is the hard part. It’s here that we concentrate at LFE, and we have partnerships with a wide range of employers in the fitness industry. Setting up a confirmed interview does not guarantee employment, which is why we’ve teamed up with the biggest UK Social Media Marketing Firm – eSocial Media – to develop the first Social Media Business.

There’s no doubt that social media has evolved into a major marketing and communication tool in recent years. This course will teach you how to use Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Web Blogging, Digg, You Tube, and other social media platforms to market your Personal Training business and establish a clear marketing strategy.

Interview Preparation

We place an emphasis on industry preparation with our students, which is the key difference between us and other education companies. We are dedicated to assisting our pupils through each stage of the job application process, from submission to interview. In order to prepare for the interview process, we offer comprehensive interview skills and CV development workshops. To ensure that our graduates receive interview.

Our Partners

We have partnered with a variety of other prominent professionals in order to provide our students with a wide range of abilities so that they may thrive in the fitness business. Our educational and course delivery partners include CYQ, eSocial Media, The Fitness Collective, REPs, and The 52 Club.

We work directly with Nuffield Health to find employment for our graduates in the Inner City and Greater London area, following a direct interview procedure with Nuffield. We are affiliated with a variety of other major and minor gym chain businesses throughout the United Kingdom and abroad.