Skills Active

The Sector Skills Council for Active Leisure, Learning and Well-Being is the organization in charge of active leisure, learning, and well-being skills. Their goal is to establish a framework of qualifications, training, and ongoing professional development based on industry needs and standards. They make sure that employers have access to the appropriate qualifications in accordance with those national.

Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs)

To safeguard and promote the health and interests of individuals who use fitness professionals’ services, schools and trainers have been established as NFEs. The register employs a method of self-regulation that encompasses industry-based qualifications, practical expertise, and the necessity for exercise experts to adhere to a code of ethical conduct.

The two skills, Active and REPs, provide accreditation to several different UK-based awarding bodies in order to guarantee standardization in fitness industry qualifications and that National Occupational Standards are being met (NOS) – these standards define the minimum competence needed in the fitness business for each job function and are used in many certificates.

Awarding Bodies

There are several award organizations in the UK that offer certification for fitness industry experts. It is up to the training provider, in this case Love Fitness Education, to decide which awarding body to utilize to issue qualifications for our students. We picked CYQ, which means Central YMCA Qualifications, as our choice of awarding body.

The Training Provider

Within the United Kingdom, there are numerous training providers that provide a variety of certifications from various awarding bodies that are approved by Skills Active and recognized by the Register of Exercise Professionals. The most important aspects to consider when choosing a training company are how these qualifications will be given and whether or not your learning style is compatible with it.

At Love Fitness Education, we use the most qualified instructors in the business with a wealth of expertise to guarantee that our pupils receive the greatest training and advice possible. We also provide our students with core business and marketing skills as well as a variety of crucial interview techniques necessary in an ever-changing and competitive market.